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Pet Products

Pet Products

Pets love snuggling up in our 100% Merino custom made sheepskin Pet Bed products. Natural wool has many benefits: Hypoallergenic; Flame retardant; Adjusts to the climate; Retains its shape; Resists odors; And surrounds everything it touches with an unbelievably sumptuous softness!
  1. Sheepskin Pet Bed Pad

    Sheepskin Pet Bed Pad

    Regular Price: $120.00

    Special Price: $75.00

    Sheepskin Pet Bed Pad
    • Dogs & Cats Love Sheepskin
    • Hand Washable, drip dry, brush to fluff
    • Non-Slip Rubber Backing
  2. Dog (or Cat) Kennel Mat

    Dog (or Cat) Kennel Mat

    Regular Price: $120.00

    Special Price: $85.99

    As low as: $65.99

    Kennel Mat
    • Large Dog Kennel Mat - Approximately 3.5 feet long by 2 feet wide
    • Small Dog or Cat Kennel Mat - Approximately 1.75 feet long by 2 feet wide
  3. The Pet Bed Nest

    The Pet Bed Nest

    Regular Price: $200.00

    Special Price: $179.00

    The Pet Bed Nest
    • Dogs & Cats Love Sheepskin
    • Outlasts Synthetics 10 to 1
    • Inside Diameters - S 14"x18", M 18"x22", L 24"x30", XL 34"x40"
  4. Orthopedic Dog Bed

    Orthopedic Dog Bed

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price: $29.00

    The orthopedic foam in these mats provides solid support with pillow softness for a deep, healthy, comfortable sleep - anytime, anywhere. Just what your best pal deserves.

  5. Sheepskin Equestrian Wash Mitt

    Sheepskin Equestrian Wash Mitt

    Regular Price: $26.00

    Special Price: $23.99

    Sheepskin Equestrian Wash Mitt

    Our sheepskin wash mitt is the answer when looking for an effective, yet gentle way to bathe your horse or dog. Made of genuine Australian sheepskin, this is the perfect mitt to use. Sheepskin is naturally absorbent so it can also be used when your animals are dry to gently dust off dirt and debris.

  6. Pet Tray and Mat

    Pet Tray and Mat

    Regular Price: $29.00

    Special Price: $19.99

    Pet Tray and Mat

    A durable, waterproof, stain resistant foam-backed endura mat compliments this rust-proof aluminum pet food tray.
  7. Auto Pet Barrier - 4 Bar

    Auto Pet Barrier - 4 Bar

    Regular Price: $105.00

    Special Price: $85.00

    Auto Pet Barrier - 4 Bar 69551
    • With an attractive black, non-glare design, this is the ideal way to keep all of your precious cargo safe.
    • The barrier is quick and easy to install, with no tools required.
    • The design works well for most vehicles and pets.