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Luxury Sheepskin Seat Covers Provide Maximum Comfort

What's the latest craze today in automobile customization? Seat covers. Not just any old covers though - sheepskin seat covers. That's right: real, genuine sheepskin. We're not talking about those fake "furry seat covers" you can buy from Wal-Mart, either. We're talking genuine, high-quality, Merino Sheepskin. Have you ever felt it? If so, you'll understand what all the craze is about.


Sheepskin is unbelievably comfortable and very luxurious to the touch. This is mainly due to its natural characteristics and qualities, such as the fact that sheep skin contains Lanolin, making the wool extremely soft. There's actually no other natural fur or skin that even comes close to providing the extreme level of comfort offered by sheepskin. The hollow fibers of the wool also offer amazing breathing properties, allowing sheepskin seat covers to maintain a steady temperature to keep you warm throughout those cold winter months and cool during the intense heat of summer.

Aside from the unmatched comfort, there are other benefits to adorning your vehicle's seats with sheepskin covers.
• Sheepskin quickly dissipates heat and sweat, by submitting it into the air up to 7 times faster than a synthetic fabric can.

• Sheepskin is naturally resistant to dirt, bacteria and mold - the naturally occurring Lanolin lends it a self-cleaning quality that isn't found in synthetics.

• Sheepskin seat covers will not cause an electrical charge. In other words, there will be no "static shock" from the friction created by getting into and out of your vehicle.
Last but not least, let's not forget the final reason that sheepskin seat covers are becoming so popular... They look phenomenal! There's a wide variety of colors that can be chosen from as well, so it's easy to find a hue that matches or complements the color of your vehicle's interior. From white to black and everything in between, there's definitely a sheepskin seat cover to match your vehicle and your personal taste.

While most sheepskin seat covers cover the entire seat, there are custom applications as well, such as seat inserts, headrest covers, floor mats and more. The beauty, functionality, and high level of comfort provided by genuine Merino Sheepskin is second to none and for good reason. If you're ready to purchase sheepskin seat covers for your vehicle or just feel like browsing from top of the line sheepskin products, be sure to check out Comfy Sheep, the specialists in everything sheepskin.

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