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“Your deerskin driving gloves, pardon the pun, "fit like a glove". I bought them for cold weather driving, but when I was in Florida they were great against a hot steering wheel. Also, thank you for getting them to me in time for my trip.”
– Jim Berkeley

“You should know that I bought sheepskins for my Cessna from your company recently and decided to try your leather driving gloves too. My plan was to just use them for driving, but now I'm also using them when I fly. Should really promote the gloves to private pilots as well.”
– Arnold Golden

“I was very happy to receive Comfy driving gloves as a gift. I didn't realize that leather could be so soft and durable at the same time. I want to buy another pair in tan. Please rush to me via Priority Mail.”
– Carol Napa

“I'm big into sheepskin.There's something really nice about the feel of it - in front of a fireplace with pillows on the floor, that's the most romantic thing. To add warmth to a room without a fireplace, Cox throws smaller rugs over the backs of chairs or on the bed. Courtney Cox buys them at Comfy Sheepskins in Los Angeles.”
– Glamour Magazine

“Thank you! These sheepskins are excellent--I was positively delighted when I opened the box. Really much better quality than I had anticipated. If you ever need a good reference, please use mine. A pleasure doing business with you!”
– Terri Isidro-Cloudas

“Your Comfy sheepskin rugs really soften up the room. We have wood floors in the living room and den and we put a double-rug in front of the fireplace. Just enough room for my boyfriend, me and our dog. I really like the Twilight color. Thanks for all your help.”
– Mandy Thompson

“Years ago, in Sweden, I first saw sheepskin rugs as car seat covers and always wanted one for my house but not the car. I put one single rug next to my bed and one in the bathroom and love them. I guess I'll be getting sheepskin slippers next.”
– Austrid Bergstrom

“Hi, Tom, Received rug and I love it! Great product and excellent service. May save up enuff bucks to get something else that’s “comfy sheepskin.” Best wishes for continued success!”
– Ellen, Conneticut

“Just wanted to let you know that my purchase of your Sheepskin seat inserts exceeded my expectations. The pelts were of a high quality and the inserts fit well.”
– Dave Nye

“The seat covers fit perfectly! Thank-you. I couldn’t be more pleased.”
– Gary Cheever

“Just purchased your sheepskin saddle cover for my what I thought was a comfortable old saddle. Put it on, mounted my horse and AAAAAHHHH! I felt like I could have rode all day! I thank the sheep and thank you for helping this 65 year old stay in the saddle longer!”
– Peggy Ephraim

“The customized service received was exceptional! Couldn’t ask for better? The waiting time was short – shipping quick – customer service kept me informed – but best of all – the quality and performance of the product is exceptional! Since receiving the Endurance Saddle Cover – I have been more than pleased! The sizing was perfect and on the spot! So far in the past 3 weeks, I have ridden over 270km, through different terrain and weather conditions – I found myself out at 10 am and returning at 7 pm – without any of the usual wear/chaffing spots! Not one sore spot! Amazing!”
– Sylvie, St.Louis